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The Geosoft Story

Officially established in 1986, the name and vision for Geosoft was actually formed in 1982 when two Canadian earth scientists, Ian MacLeod and Colin Reeves, had the idea that microcomputers would become important to exploration geophysics.

At the time, a lot was done by hand and the limited work geoscientists did on computers was handled by mainframes and mini-computers. So Ian and Colin bought a IBM Personal Computer and started figuring out how to make it work for exploration. They needed a name for the enterprise and took the lead from a little company from Redmond that wrote the operating system, and called themselves Microsoft. Since the goal was to write software for geophysicists and geologists, they decided to call themselves Geosoft. And that’s where it all began.

Earth scientists explore and make discoveries through data. Geosoft's mission is to make the explorer data experience simple, natural and powerful. Our promise is less time spent handling data and more freedom to explore. Everything we do is focused on helping explorers keep pace with the demands of their data world.

From Geophysics to Integrated Geosciences

Since being established, Geosoft has never wavered in its goal of making technology work for professional geoscientists. 25 years ago, the company started out with one developer making geophysical software tools for geophysicists with Fortran. Today Geosoft is focused on developing productivity technologies, and streamlining workflow processes, to support the success of all geoscientists and their earth exploration discoveries. There are 22 developers on the Geosoft R&D team, working alongside marketers, documenters and testers. In total, Geosoft has 125 people in 6 offices around the world, and the company continues to grow.


The Geosoft Difference

Professionals with earth science backgrounds and industry experience continue to form the core of Geosoft today. Geosoft technical, service and solution specialists are able to work with customers to understand their exploration and business motivators and how software technology solutions can allow them to be more productive and enhance their understanding of the opportunity at hand. The team is passionate about working with clients to overcome their challenges. That critical fit makes all the difference in the world when you’re faced with the complexity of today’s data challenges and not enough resources or time to work through them.

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