Geosoft Strengths and Capabilities 

Geosoft helps earth explorers make discoveries through insights gained from geospatial data. Delivering a complete solution for effective subsurface earth exploration, Geosoft provides exploration-focused customer and professional services and technical solutions across desktop, server and Internet platforms.

Customer Focus

Geosoft adheres to living company principles, with a focus on continual learning, balanced growth and delivering value to customers. Well managed growth and zero debt underpin Geosoft’s financial stability.The company is privately held, ensuring that planning and investment decisions are focused on creating value and serving the interests of customers.

Industry Standard

Geosoft software solutions are used extensively within global exploration industries, government agencies and the geosciences to distil knowledge from large volumes of data and support critical decision making.

With broad application within mineral resources, energy, environmental and government industry sectors, Geosoft is a standard for geophysical surveys and subsurface investigations.

Geosoft technology is deployed as the core platform for global exploration teams within the top mining companies in the world, and hundreds of global mid-tier and junior explorers.

Oil explorers rely on Geosoft gravity and magnetic software solutions to reduce risk and uncertainty in sub-salt, potential field exploration programs.

International geological surveys use Geosoft for processing survey data, and publish geophysical data products for industry use in Geosoft data and grid formats.

Within education, Geosoft supports geoscience curriculum and research studies conducted by the world’s leading research institutions and educational institutions.


Geosoft technology makes complex tasks simpler for earth explorers.  The company provides data management, mapping and modelling capabilities to conduct critical tasks for exploration and earth science investigations, creating new knowledge based on geospatial analysis.

Integrated workflows address the multidisciplinary needs of geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, seismologists, cartographers and GIS specialists, whether working within the Geosoft environment, in GIS or other application environments.

Geosoft gridding algorithms and software workflows have been optimised over 25 years of research and development, based on in-depth knowledge of both business requirements and user needs.

Geosoft technology support a broad variety of industry-standard data formats to remove compatibility barriers when working across GIS, mine planning and other adjacent technologies within exploration and the earth sciences. Geosoft is committed to maintaining an interoperable technology platform that meets the needs of today’s integrated geosciences.

Geosoft Services

Company strengths extend beyond software, to the expertise of its people, the quality of its customer support, and the depth of its solutions for advancing earth exploration.  

Geosoft professional services, custom development and technical support teams are comprised of professional developers, service and solution specialists with a broad range of industry experience, and expertise in resource exploration industries and the earth sciences.

This experience has enabled Geosoft to plan and deploy global implementations and custom solutions for companies of all sizes, helping customers to tackle their largest earth data challenges.  

International Partner Network

Geosoft partners with software and service providers, developers and equipment manufacturers to deliver responsive, integrated and compatible solutions for earth exploration. An international network of distributors supports Geosoft in providing business and technical support to customers across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Innovation through Collaboration

Geosoft collaborates with customers, partners and the community to innovate, and promote the effective use of technology for discovery success.

A global alliance with Esri, has resulted in software solutions that bridge critical workflow gaps for geoscientists exploring in ArcGIS. 

Working with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and leading environmental researchers, Geosoft has developed, and offers, the world’s most complete solution for the detection and discrimination of unexploded ordnance.

Geosoft has partnered with the earth science research and development community to commercialise and distribute new technologies through its montaj Plus line of packaged partner solutions.

Open access to Geosoft programming code, through GX developer resources, has resulted in an active community of GX developers that create new value within the Geosoft platform, by addressing specialised processing and workflow requirements.


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