In the Community

Geosoft supports initiatives, and partnerships, that educate and enrich the lives of earth explorers and their communities – locally and globally. We give back to the community through the Geosoft Education program, sponsorships, donations and volunteering. 


The Geosoft Knowledge from Data® Program supports individuals and groups, contributing to knowledge development within earth exploration and the earth sciences through education and research. Sponsorship support includes financial assistance, software, training and other services. Learn more about the Geosoft Knowledge from Data® Program.

Education Program

Geoscience educators and researchers require affordable access to the latest technology to advance their research projects, and provide students with valuable exposure to software used in the field. The Geosoft Education Program offers software licenses, at deeply discounted rates, to meet the teaching and research needs of accredited educational institutions, including universities and colleges conducting not-for-profit research projects.

Based on its broad application within mineral resource, energy, government and environmental industry sectors, Geosoft is used within leading international teaching and research institutions for the study of geophysics, geology and geochemistry. Learn more about the Geosoft Education Program.

Donations and Volunteering

Geosoft provides support for critical community needs, both locally and globally in the communities where we operate and there is an urgent need. Our mission is to support organisations that target education, poverty, hunger, homelessness, child and youth health and environmental issues through donations as well as employee volunteer support. Grantees are nominated and selected on an annual basis by the Geosoft Donations committee comprised of employees from our world offices.

Learn more about the organizations supported through Geosoft Community Giving

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