Geological Maps

3D Visualization of Mineral Projects

As greater portions of geologically prospective land evolve into mature exploration terrain, mineral explorers are relying less on surface mapping and prospecting and more on 3D visualization techniques that can see underground to generate worthwhile projects.

For an exploration company whose business model depends on using data to entice potential joint venture partners, using mapping software to convey the results to investors, in a meaningful way, is a competitive advantage and crucial to success.

In more advanced exploration projects and mature mining environments, the use of integrated, 3D visualization and deep earth imaging techniques is helping to direct deeper drill campaigns to find hidden orebodies that were previously overlooked.

Generating quality projects and partner interest

Miranda Gold has an impressive track record as a project generator, developing and selling a number of prospects along Nevada’s Cortez Gold trend in Nevada. Behind their success is a methodical approach that combines different types of data with historical drill logs to arrive at a 3D visualization that can point to new drill targets on their gold projects in Nevada, Alaska and Colombia.

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Gaining new perspective on advanced projects

Bringing on the right team, approaches and technology to explore their projects to the fullest, has enabled Eaglecrest to accelerate their advanced gold exploration projects in Bolivia. The ability to view exploration results from different perspectives, in three dimensions, highlighted hidden details that changed the whole direction of their project.

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Revealing overlooked mineral bodies

Deep earth imaging is helping to reveal previously overlooked and undiscovered mineral bodies. Romios Gold recently announced the results of the Titan 24 geophysical survey carried out by Quantec Geoscience on its Trek Property in the Galore Creek area in north-western British Columbia. Romios is among many explorers reporting positive results from deep imaging.

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