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Geosoft releases 9.2

Geosoft's 9.2 update includes simplified workflows, new 3D Views and enhanced 3D navigation...

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Moving UXO classification to the cloud

Geosoft is partnering with Acorn SI to create a cloud-based technology solution for UXO classification projects…

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Since 1986, Geosoft technology and expertise has helped earth explorers make discoveries through data.

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Pre-Salt Oil Discovery Success

Pre-Salt Oil Discovery Success

Petrobras’ use of integrated geophysical methods has contributed to its leadership in the challenging deepwater exploration and production environments. 

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Harvesting Time with Data Organization

Harvesting Time with Data Organization

Cameco has a goal of making data management so efficient that their geoscientists can spend an extra day per week looking for mines rather than searching for data.

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Understanding Gold Mineralization Controls

Understanding Gold Mineralization Controls

Medgold gained a better understanding of the gold mineralization controls at Lagares, leading to the best results ever recorded at the project.

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